Friday, July 11, 2014

Mugen Stages


Adrian Mugen Projects(Click on the stages you wanna choose)

Download My X men COTA Magneto's Stage


Mugen Characters


Adrian Mugen Projects Characters (Click on the download link to choose your character)

Here's My Colossus It's an Edit of  Loki's Colossus


There's Also Another Hulk Based on MSH 1995 CPS2
-Added Special and Hyper moves from MSH 1995
-Added Intros Including Vs Thor
-Added 6 button style(The old One was 4 button)
-Added A.I from Loganir's Scripts
-Added 60 A.I Commands
-Added Taunt and poses


Here's The first Toy Story Character I give you!BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!!!!!
(Know that you can change His A.I Don't worry people)
Since He appear In BLoSC on  of my favorite television.


I Made a shooter but you only press x to shoot but while fighting against him he will
only shoot you.


There's a character name karate man (Also Known as International Karate Fighter)
From the amiga game International Karate from a system commandore 64.


I made Albatross from Rolling Thunder. He can shoot a person and is a two button character.
From the Namco Game Rolling Thunder 1986.

I've made yahoo! since the none has made google this is a spriteswap of the none's google.